AriArt: Art for Autism’s Sake

AriArt offers a creative therapeutic workshop, a space where individuals can come to acquire skills, work on guided projects, socialize and feel part of a community, a community made up of many different types of people. At the heart of this concept is the idea that if the participants are given the opportunity, structure and guidance to explore a variety of creative and purposeful activities they can develop not only new interests but possibly a passion that will be sustained over a lifetime.

This idea has been put into practice with summer programs and evening workshops over the past four years, and the results have been extremely promising. Some remarkable talents were discovered, but the most striking element was that all the participants were very happy, and looked forward to coming to the program every day. Demands were being made on them, and expectations were quite high, but everyone rose to the challenge.

One young man used the medium of the iPad to reveal a strong and striking artistic talent. Another young man showed a vivid, intuitive gift for animation and the photographs produced by all the participants shared a distinctive sense of vision.The members of our group have learned to create a style of decorated utensils, jewelry, and other items which have proved to be very marketable. Their products have been sold at festivals, stores, conferences, bazaars and house parties, and both the project and the creations have generated a lot of interest and a very positive reaction. They have also planned and staged a vernissage and exhibition of their work, and shared many experiences as a group.

The people involved in this program have years of experience in the field of autism and share a strong commitment to improving the options and opportunities available to autistic adults. We believe we have a vision and model that will have a meaningful and lasting impact on the lives of our participants and their families.



The Legend of AriArt